SHINee’s back. The veterans of K-pop began their “Don’t Call Me” comeback at the start of February, but the legendary idols have already made lasting impressions in such a short time. The group that consists of Onew, Key, Minho, Taemin, and the late Jonghyun are talented singers, dancers, and comedians, which has led to many new jaw-dropping and hilarious bits that will go down as their most iconic moments of all time.

Keep reading to see which incredible moments made the list.

Minho’s Flaming Red Hair

There is always one member that owns a particular era. For many, there was no contest deciding whose…

Meet Marcel Vos. RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 mega-fan and internet sadist of the century. Fans of the game may remember him from last December. At the time, Vos built 12 Years of Suffering, the record for the longest, most miserable ride in gaming history.

12 Years of Suffering took that many years to complete in real life. It consisted of 2 synchronized rides. One tiny ride with a departure dependent on the larger one. The latter of which took up all of the park’s real estate. …

Many of us fantasize picking up a new artistic hobby, like painting, photography, or graphic design. Some of us had talent in the arts as children but chose to ignore it in pursuit of more lucrative careers. And some of us never expressed an interest in strengthening the right side of our brains, until now.

It should come as no surprise that many people have this creative calling. Art is incredibly rewarding in itself. It teaches patience, commitment and dedication, and has been shown to positively affect the body. …

It seems like every year Christmas and its conventional traditions come earlier and earlier. Ornaments, tree toppers, and wreaths replace Halloween decor before October 31st. Songs about snow, mistletoe, and “Santa Baby” all come too soon — at least that’s how it feels for some of us and that’s okay. Instead of seeing and celebrating the same traditions year after year, why not spend this December doing something new? Here are 5 places to visit this holiday season with traditions you probably haven’t experienced before.

Oaxaca, Mexico: Noche de Rabanos

Noche de Rabanos in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico (Image by Hermenegildo Contreras Cruz)

Or, Night of the Radishes, is a radish-carving celebration in…

If there is one thing writers love — that isn’t writing — it’s talking about writing. We story-crafters love to hear our favorite authors talk about their own love of the written word. We want to hear tricks of the trade from the best. We want up close and personal access to see how our favorite novelists achieved their dreams. Why? Because we have these dreams too. It sounds self-indulgent but in a world where summer blockbusters are no longer seasonal why not relish in our literary interests? …

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